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Meetings of the Northern California Japanese Sword Club:
Meetings are held on the third Sunday of each month.         Photos from past meetings

Everyone is welcome at our meetings, you do not need to be a NCJSC member to attend.  

If you have questions about a Japanese sword, or related item(s), bring it/them to a meeting! Many knowledgeable collectors, and even a few experts, attend our meetings and are happy to help. Meetings are a good place to obtain many opinions with just one visit.

Our regular meetings are held at the:

Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California

JCCCNC Center Information Link
JCCCNC Information

Room B (Upstairs)
1840 Sutter Street
San Francisco, California


Next Meeting:



Next meeting:

February 18, 2018

The topic will be a continuation of the theme of this year’s zodiac animal, the dog. This month we will be taking a slightly different slant. In the January meeting we brought in fittings, etc with a dog theme. This month we will use the term, “dog” is a slightly different manner and ask you to bring in any swords, fittings, etc that are considered to be “dogs” because they may have flaws or other problems.

Please understand that we will study these items for learning purposes as what to watch out for when buying sword, etc. Having problems, such as excessive tiredness, flaws, damage, etc does not automatically mean that an item is worthless because we all love these items and they all have some redeeming value either historically or emotionally to us all. Knowing what to look for when purchasing them will make one all the wiser when considering value, however.

Don’t be embarrassed, bring in your “dogs” and we will take them for a walk together.



Regular meetings start at 12:30 pm, and generally run until about 3:00 or 3:30 pm. The Board meeting starts immediately after the general meeting. All NCJSC MEMBERS are welcome to attend the Board meetings.