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Meetings of the Northern California Japanese Sword Club:
Meetings are held on the third Sunday of each month.         Photos from past meetings

If you have questions about a Japanese sword, or related item(s), bring it/them to a meeting! Many knowledgeable collectors, and even a few experts, attend our meetings and are happy to help. Meetings are a good place to obtain many opinions with just one visit.

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In-person Meetings Have Resumed!

Next meeting:

February 19, 2023

For February and Valentines this months’ theme will be “Hearts” or rather I-no-me the heart shaped cutout that represents the boar’s eye and is seen as a design element on so many items of Japanese art. So please bring in your tsuba, kozuka, habaki and koshirae featuring Inome as we try to get to the heart of this often little understood embellishment. There will of course be a wonderful kantei blade for us to dissect, so don’t neglect to bring your connoisseurs’ eye.



NOTE: In addition to our regular meetings we are introducing something new -

Shijo Kantei!


The careful study of Japanese swords in hand is the best way to learn and understand these wonderful works of art. For over 25 years the Northern California Japanese Sword Club has offered in-person, hand-on study of Japanese masterworks ten months out of the year – if you have been a member that long that is over 300 blades studied in person at our monthly meetings! No  other organization in North America offers this many opportunities for study.


Another way that one can study is with “Shijo kantei”, paper kantei, an exercise on paper to determine the maker of swords as described in words and pictures. Many organizations in Japan supplement in-person study with these paper kantei. Starting this month (August) we will begin our series of monthly shijo kantei. The program is based on the Hon’Ami school of sword appreciation and will be presented in English but in the same manner as in Japan with an opportunity for successful bidders to have their name published in our newsletter. That’s two ways we help our members to improve upon their knowledge. No  other organization in North America offers this many opportunities for study.


During the unfortunate Covid quarantine of the past year we instituted an online shijo kantei via zoom. This proved very popular with local and out of state members as well. We will continue to provide monthly online kantei exercises for our members. If you are not a member you cannot participate. This is three ways the NCJSC provides for the further education of the student of nihonto. No  other organization in North America offers this many opportunities for study.


If you are not an NCJSC member, now is the time to join. If your membership has lapsed, now is the time to re-up. If you’re currently a member now is the time to remind your collector friends of the pleasures of studying Japanese swords and the benefits of membership.



Regular meetings start at 12:30 pm, and generally run until about 3:00 or 3:30 pm. The Board meeting starts immediately after the general meeting. All NCJSC MEMBERS are welcome to attend the Board meetings.

Our regular meetings are held at the:

Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California

JCCCNC Center Information Link
JCCCNC Information

Room B (Upstairs)
1840 Sutter Street
San Francisco, California