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Parking for our meetings:

There are two main parking options available.

1) Street parking is free on Sundays in San Francisco. The best spots are on Geary next to the Kabuki Hotel and Kabuki Mall. The second area is on Webster going north from Geary. The local neighborhoods have limited parking. An early arrival is best. (At other times street parking is metered or limited to 2 hours in most non-metered spaces.)  
2) Kabuki Mall / Hotel parking garage. This parking garage is accessed from Geary west bound just past Laguna. The entrance is just west of the Piece Plaza area ( with the large pagoda), on the right. There are two parking levels and there normally are spaces on the bottom level west end. This garage like most has a low ceiling so tall vans or SUV's are not recommended. The posted height limit is 6 feet 6 inches.

Before you enter your car to exit the garage, you must pay for parking. This can be done at one of the automated machines found in various areas on each floor. You can also walk to the cashiers booth and pay there. The cashiers booth is on the street level at the west end of the garage, just to the left of the garage entrance. You then have about 10 minutes to exit. The exit is automated and you simply insert your paid ticket to open the gate. The ticket will not be returned.