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The NCJSC Library is available to all members.  All books may be studied onsite and some may be borrowed. To see if a book is available by mail, contact the Corresponding Secretary.
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  The NCJSC Library is located at:
  Krausewerk Collectables
83-B 21st Avenue
San Mateo, California 94403
(650) 571-7583

Library Hours:
Tuesday- Friday 12:00-pm - 6:00-pm
Saturday 12:00-pm - 4:00-pm

Directions to the library

Exit highway 92 at El Camino Real (Go South on El Camino Real)
Follow El Camino Real (South) for approximately 2/3 mile to 21st Ave.
Turn left onto 21st Avenue

Donations to the library, as well as suggestions for additions to the library, are always welcomed. Please contact the
NCJSC Corresponding Secretary.

Beginning References

The Samurai Sword, Yumoto, 1958; The primer for beginning students.

The Arts of the Japanese Sword, B. W. Robinson , 1961

A Primer of Japanese Sword Blades, B. W. Robinson, 1955

NTHK Novice Course, Nihon Token Hozon Kai

The Japanese Sword, Sato Kanzan, translated by J. Earle, 1983

Japanese Sword Blades

A Visual Glossary of Japanese Sword Terms, Kotoken Kajihara, 1993

Token Kantei Dokuhon, Nagayama Kokan, 1979

Token Kantei Dokuhon, Mishina Kenji, English translation of Token Kantei Dokuhon.

Nihon Toko Jiten, Koto Volume, Fujishiro, 1965

Nihon Toko Jiten, Shinto Volume, Fujishiro, 1965

Nihon Toko Jiten, Koto volume, Watson, Translation of, 1991

Nihon Toko Jiten, Shinto volume, Watson, Translation of, 1991

Nihon Koza, Translationed by Watson, 1991

Vol II , Koto part 1, 1994

Vol III, Koto Part 2, 1991

Vol IX , Koto Part 3, 1991

Vol IV , Shinto, 1993

Vol V , Shinshinto, 1993

Vol VI , Kodogu part 1,1994

Token To Rekishi, NTHK Journal, Issues 580 to 616.

Japanese Sword Fittings

The J. C. Hawkshaw Collection, Joly, Catalog of fine kodogu, 1910

Japanese Armour


Daimyo, video from the Washington Gallery Exhibition, 1988

NCJSC Sword Publications

Sword Organization Newsletters

Tō-Ron, Northern California Japanese Sword Club Newsletter

Token-to Rekishi, NTHK  Journal  issues 580-616,  translations by G. Robson

Colorado Token Kai Newsletters

Token Society of Prague, Newsletter in Czech

The Japanese Sword Society of Virginia, Newsletter Vol 1, Num 1

Japanese Language Reference

The Modern Japanese -English Character Dictionary, Nelson, 1962

Beginners Dictionary of Chinese-Japanese Characters, Rose-Innes

Japanese Surnames, Gillis & Chi