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To-Ron 刀論, The NCJSC Newsletter

To-Ron is published monthly by the NCJSC for its members, approximately one week before the meetings. It generally includes some review of previous meetings, an agenda for coming meetings, review of any kantei blades, various articles, and announcements.

Partial indices, covering pre 2001 NCJSC newsletters,  appear below. Several specialized indexes are also available. All are "works in progress".

Index of all Newsletters, 1977 to 2000
Index of issues containing installments of:
NTHK Novice Course
Newsletter Inserts, high quality glossy prints
Sample Newsletter Articles (Reformatted)
Bizen Osafune Nagayoshi,The Soden school of Chogi, by Richard Mantegani
A Tanto, by Keith Nobuhira Austin
Bizen Osafune Motoshige
Bizen Osafune Hikobei Tadamitsu (Shodai)
Goto Teijo Kogai/Kozuka
Mito-Koromono by Sonobe Yoshitsugu

Downloadable Sample Newsletters

December 2006 (pdf)
September 2010 (pdf)
July 2011 (pdf)

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Note: The sample articles have been edited for use on this website. They have been reformatted, and may not be complete. The original graphics may have been substituted or replaced.