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Publications of the NCJSC:

Publications currently available from the NCJSC :

NEW PRICE: "A Brief History of Japanese Sword Fittings Artisans". An English translation of the "Hompō Sōken Kinkō Ryakushi", by Wada Tsunashirō, translated from Japanese by Henri L. Joly and Alan L. Harvie. 229 pages, including a 27 page alphabetized index of artisans.
"Tsuba, An Aesthetic Study", by Kazutaro Torigoye and Robert Haynes, from the "Tsuba Geijutsu-Ko" of Kazutaro Torigoye, 300 pages.
"Nihonto Newsletter", by Albert Yamanaka, over 1900 pages in four volumes
"Kinko Meikan Translation", English translation by John Yumoto and Alan Harvie, of the 1974 edition of the Kinko Meikan, by Senichiro Masumoto and Kenichi Kokubo. 197 pages.
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The "NTHK Novice Course" is free to NEW FULL-YEAR members when they join.

bullet"NTHK Novice Course". English translation by Dr. Gordon Robson, Reprinted by the NCJSC 1990-92, 228 pages. New members receive a copy with their first issue of the newsletter.

NCJSC out-of-print publications:

bullet"Chronological Table of Koto Smiths", Copy of a 6 foot handmade scroll  by John Yumoto
bullet"Genealogy of Satsuma Smiths", copies of three scrolls by John Yumoto
bullet"NCJSC Token Taikai '76 Lectures", 191 pages.
bullet"Imperial Japanese Daggers - 1883 to 1945", 48 pages.
bullet"New Contributions to the Study of the History of the Japanese Sword Guard", by M. le Marquis de Tressan, Translated by Christine Dispas, Ph. D., produced by Alan L. Harvey and Paul R. Allman for the NCJSC, November 1996, 63 Pages.

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