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The NCJSC Website:

First published in June, 2001, there are now over 100 pages of information and photos to be viewed.  We encourage you to comment, contribute,  and offer corrections to this website!

Web site mission statements: 

bulletTo further the NCJSC's mandate to "institute programs for the study and appreciation of and promote and undertake activities to encourage the preservation of ancient and modern Japanese samurai blades, sword fixtures, armour and related objects for their cultural, artistic and historical values and aesthetic and expert craftsmanship."
bulletProvide a sampling of all club materials and activities to foster new membership.
bulletProvide our non-local NCJSC members greater awareness of, and access to the club assets.
bulletDocument our clubs publications & history.
bulletProvide information regarding the NCJSC organization and its activities.
bulletProvide a forum for for members to display favorite items, to be enjoyed by all.
bulletProvide Nihonto related reference, educational, and research materials to the public.
bulletProvide information and materials necessary to join the NCJSC.

Website committee:

Jack  Edick Co Editor, site design
Bob  McCoy  Co Editor, site design

If you have problems viewing this site, or have comments, suggestions, corrections etc., please contact website committee .