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Gotō Mitsusuke (Kanjō) 後藤光佐, circa 1760

Certification: NBTHK Hozon

Signed Gotō Mitsusuke w/kaō. Mitsusuke is also known as Gotō Kanjō 後藤閑乘. He is the son of the 12th mainline master (Gotō Jujō (Mitsumasa) 後藤壽乘), and the brother of the 13th (Enjō (Mitsutaka)) and 14th (Keijō (Mitsumori)) mainline masters. He worked in Edo in the late 1700's.

There is some question as to whether Kanjō (Mitsusuke), or his brother Enjō (Mitsutaka), was the eldest son of the 12th mainline master, Gotō Jujō (Mitsumasa) 後藤壽乘. In either case, his brother Enjō (Mitsutaka) succeeded as the 13th mainline master, and his younger, adopted, brother, Keijō (Mitsumori), succeeded as the 14th mainline master. It is generally accepted that Kanjō did not succeed as head of the family due to his being ill at the times of succession. His works are rare and highly regarded. He died on February 7, 1798.

Mitsusuke is a member of the mainline Shirobei Gotō family, and did not set up a branch family. Never-the-less, Kasahara Koju and Akimoto Shigeo, in their book "Kyo Goto no Kenkyu" ("Studies in Kyo Goto"), include him for special discussion and reference.

According to Robert Haynes' 'Index', "There is considerable confusion concerning this artist. Some confound him with Gotō Ranjō 蘭乘 and others say he is the son of Gotō Enjō [not brother]."

This kōzuka has a dark shibuichi frame, inset with a shakudō nanako ground, having gold, silver, and copper highlights. 

Photos by Jack Edick

Photo by Jack Edick (c) 2010
Photo by Jack Edick (c) 2010