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Yokoya Terumune 英致, kozuka (c. 1770)

Certification: NBTHK Hozon

Kozuka made by Yokoya Terumune, 横谷英致. His family name is Yokoya 横谷, and he used the art names Chōshichirō 長七郎, and Shitō 此東. Terumune worked in Edo in the second half of the 1700's, and was a student of the first Yokoya Terukiyo who was a student of the famous Yokoya Somin. Terumune is described as being a specialist in the production of nanako. This work is done in classical Yokoya School style.

Shakudō base metal having a fine nanako ground. It is decorated with a Shishi playing with a peony, both in gold. The back is divided diagonally into gold and shakudō sections. Inscribed 英致 (花押), Terumune w/Kaō.

Photos by Jack Edick

Photo by Jack Edick (c) 2010v
Photo by Jack Edick (c) 2010