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Our Logo:

Hoku-Ka Tō-Ken Club

HOKU Northern
KA California (Abbreviation for)
TO Sword
(劔劍) KEN

The NCJSC logo is in the form of a Japanese sword guard, or tsuba. The characters on the face of the tsuba are read "
Hoku-Ka To-Ken Club". The translation is "Northern California Sword Club
". The design is by Mr. Kojima, and has been used since at least 1973.

It is interesting to note that "Hoku-Ka To-Ken Club" is the name of the original 1920's era sword club of San Francisco. It would seem more appropriate to add five additional kanji to our logo (in blue below), reflecting the actual name of our club. This would look like:


Hokuka Nihon Tōken Dōkōkai

Northern California Japanese Sword Club!

This will be proposed to the Board of Directors for their consideration at an upcoming meeting (this was written in January, 2011). Stay tuned...