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Shoami Katsuyoshi 正阿弥勝義 (c.1832-1908)

Certification: Tokubetsu Bunka Shiryo tosogu, Nihon To-sogu Bishutsukan.

Shoami Katsuyoshi's personal name is Nakagawa Junzo. Born at Tsuyama in the province of Mimasaka, the third son and student of Nakagawa Katsutsugu. In 1849 he was adopted into the Okayama branch of the Shoami Fujishiro family, of which he became the 9th and last master. He became a retainer of the Ikkeda Daimyo, of Bizen Province. Under the influence of his elder brother Issho, he followed the style of Gotō Ichijo.  In 1897 he moved to Kyoto, where he died in 1908.

The tsuba, fuchi and kashira are all made with shakudo base metal with nanako ground. Flowering peonies are done in gold, among shakudo rocks with golden moss. Flowing water, in silver, runs through the scenes.

Javier Yagi and Seishun Yagi collection.