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NCJSC Library Contents:
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The literature maintained by the NCJSC is currently undergoing an evaluation.
The list presented here is not complete. 

NCJSC Library Holdings: 

bulletThe Samurai Sword, Yumoto, 1958; The primer for beginning students.
bulletDaimyo, video from the Washington Gallery Exhibition, 1988
bulletToken Kantei Dokuhon, Nagayama Kokan, 1979 
bulletToken Kantei Dokuhon, Mishina Kenji, English translation of the above.
bulletNihon Toko Jiten, Koto Volume, Fujishiro, 1965
bulletNihon Toko Jiten, Shinto Volume, Fujishiro, 1965
bulletNihon Toko Jiten, Translation of Koto volume, Watson,  1991
bulletNihon Toko Jiten, Translation of Shinto volume, Watson, 1991
bulletNihonto Koza Translation, Vol 2, Watson, Translation of Koto part 1,1994
bulletNihonto Koza Translation, Vol 4, Watson, Translation of Shinto, 1993
bulletNihonto Koza Translation, Vol 5, Watson, Translation of Shinshinto, 1993
bulletNihonto Koza Translation, Vol 6, Watson, Translation of Kodogu part 1,1994
bulletA Visual Glossary of Japanese Sword Terms, Kotoken Kajihara, 1993
bulletThe Arts of the Japanese Sword, B. W. Robinson , 1961
bulletThe Japanese Sword, Sato Kanzan, translated by J. Earle, 1983
bulletThe J. C. Hawkshaw Collection, Joly, Catalog of fine kodogu, 1910
bulletToken To Rekishi, NTHK Journal, Issues 580 to 616,  translation by G. Robson    
bulletA Primer of Japanese Sword Blades, B. W. Robinson, 1955
bulletThe Modern Japanese -English Character Dictionary, Nelson, 1962
bulletBeginners Dictionary of Chinese-Japanese Characters, Rose-Innes
bulletJapanese Surnames, Gillis & Chi
bulletNTHK Novice Course, Nihon Token Hozon Kai
bulletColorado Token Kai Newsletters
bulletToken Society of Prague Newsletter (in Czech)
bulletThe Japanese Sword Society of Virginia Newsletter, Vol 1, Num 1